To just about everybody’s surprise, life as a comic magician turned out to be everything he’d hoped and more.

As soon she was sure he’d gone, they went back to their plan.

Morbid or not, having taken such a good photograph of the the quartet in the moments before they were tragically mown down by a trawler, it seemed a shame not to put it on the cover.

Anybody else? Any questions that aren’t about the bird?

Because he rarely wore his leather vest to rehearsals, it was not widely known that Giuliano also worked as a bounty hunter.

The “air ukulele” routine wasn’t exactly funny the first time.

Oh no Mr Bond. I expect you to die.

He would escape unseen, but the deed would be done.

That’s what she said.

It looked pretty good in his passport, so there was really no need for another photo shoot.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that she wouldn’t be needing her trumpet on this gig.



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  1. April 13, 2013

    I feel sure that Greg Sandow loves each and every one of the covers above.

    i’ll confess to liking the Chiaroscuro Quartet cover myself. But the “Twilight of the Gods” cover? Um…..Wotan is visible briefly at the end of the opera, assuming the stage directions are followed, but he doesn’t sing a note.It’s Bruennhilde’s opera, dammit.

  2. ophmac #
    April 15, 2013

    I love this type of post.

    By the way, the one with Giuliano Carmignola is very tongue in cheek since “con moto” in Italian could mean “with a motorbike”.

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