Tweeting a review of everything I hear turned out to be a bad idea for the following reasons:

1) The vast majority of records are utterly mediocre, and there’s only so many ways of saying that

2) You can’t link to unreleased albums with, so sometimes there’s not many characters left after identifying the piece, hence “Alessandro de Marchi & Academia Montis Regalis new recording of Scarlatti Davidis pugna et victoria (Hyperion): ok”

3) It was only a matter of time before it got me in career-limiting trouble

I’m still determined to find a way that Twitter is useful to me, so plan B is to use it for all those links relevant enough to share, but which don’t really require more than a few words of commentary from me. My tweets show up on the right side of the page, and you can add or feed:// to your Google Reader (or equivalent) if you’d like to read without ever visiting my website. We’ll see how this one goes.


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  1. Joseph #
    December 27, 2009

    Career-limiting trouble is annoying.

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