Comments Policy

I’ll do my best to approve all the real comments, especially when they disagree with me. I usually get to them within a few hours, but sometimes it might take a day or two. Thanks for being patient.

You’re welcome to write comments anonymously, but it’s easier to make sense of the comment threads if you at least pick a pseudonym.

I won’t edit your comments unless there’s a really good reason, and even then I’ll mark the edit clearly and explain why it was done.

I’ll think twice about approving comments that are largely comprised of ad hominem attacks. That sort of thing thing isn’t helpful.

To keep things constructive, please avoid personal speculation of the “If you think that then you’re probably the sort of person that…” variety. It adds nothing useful to the discussion, and the quality of debate seems to go badly downhill every time it happens.

The same goes for speculation about my day job. They don’t pay me to write this, and it’s not fair on them to confuse my personal opinions with their corporate policies. The two are entirely separate.