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Until recently, I was kind of indifferent to Pat Metheny. He’s not a musician to whom I gave much thought. He called out Kenny G in a quite entertaining way, and I guess his music wasn’t unusually pretentious or self-indulgent compared with that of other white jazz musicians of the 70s, 80s and 90s. I was never into it, but it didn’t make me particularly angry either. But as I say, that was until recently.


It’s nice to see classical musicians embracing YouTube. The crappy video quality somehow makes them feel like they’re not under the same pressure that full-on audio recordings do, so they post fun things that are often much more interesting than the stuff that ends up on their albums.

There’s a long tradition of using popular melodies as the basis for classical works, but still, this is kind of amazing. Marié Digby supposedly got signed to Hollywood Records after posting an acoustic version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on YouTube. I somehow don’t think that’s going to happen here, but nor do I think you’ll feel like you completely wasted four and a half minutes of your life if you watch it.

…and in case you really don’t know the original, you can watch it here.