The premises of non-profit label New Amsterdam were very badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

You can help them get back on their feet here.

It occurs to me that it has been a while since I made fun of their album covers.

This is precisely why I like to read the instructions.

ECM’s x-ray glasses proved to be a surprisingly successful brand extension.

Do you have any other bright ideas?

They could barely contain their excitement.

You’re sure this isn’t an advert for tampons? I bought my poodles and rollerskates.

She wasn’t letting him book the holiday next year.

Does my bum look orange in this?

The lasers were a nice touch, but there was no denying the soup was overseasoned.

It was probably time to admit the photocopier was ruined.

Let’s stare at him until he goes away.

Alright. That’s it. Now I’m going to donate so they can pump the sewage out of their office.


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