They agreed never to speak of it, but the easy rapport was gone.

LegacyHurry up and take the picture so I can exhale.

Bach by Avi AvitalOh look! Somebody left their funny little guitar thing.

Castello & CoBy day they solved crimes and exchanged witty banter in the forensics lab, but by night they played sackbutts like the sun might never rise.

Ligeti and BeethovenAt times, he wondered if it had all been worth it.

Final CutThis would be the last time he forgot to book a hotel.

Beethoven SonatasAnd in that instant it became clear what she had to do. If all went according to plan, they would not see her face or know her name, but they would all remember this day.

SpectacularEvery time he told one of his stupid jokes, she thought about what was buried behind the garage.

Alfie BoeHe aimed to look vaguely approachable, although really it would be him that did the approaching.

Bach MotetsFinally. If this didn’t show them, he didn’t know what he’d do.


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