I was pleasantly surprised to see that my video “How to unwrap a CD” has been watched 1,000 times in the last 48 hours.

I do feel rather upstaged, though, by ten-year-old Jackie Evancho. Her appearance on America’s Got Talent has been viewed 420,000 times in the same period. Perhaps I should have sung Puccini.

Is she the next Susan Boyle? Possibly, but they’re not identical: Jackie is ten years old. She’s competing to win a show in Vegas, not a record deal. She already has an album and it includes “O mio babino caro”. Although there aren’t enough physical copies of the album to result in meaningful sales at physical retail, it’s quickly climbing the charts in digital stores where these crossover products traditionally underperform. Don’t even get me started on the cover.

Jackie Evancho

Does having an indie product in the marketplace make her more or less likely to get a successful (or at least lucrative) record deal out of all this? Was the Susan Boyle phenomenon a one-off? Would Susan Boyle’s album have sold better if it had been available right away? Can a ten-year-old child headline in Vegas? What are her parents thinking? Is the average ten-year-old child really any less equipped to handle this than a mentally ill middle-aged woman with learning difficulties?

Who knows?

Predictions in viral marketing are subject to such massive cumulative error that there’s no point guessing where this will end up, but one thing is for sure: as this plays out, it’ll be more interesting to watch than it was to hear.



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  1. Collin Rae #
    August 12, 2010

    I am persoanlly responsible for 632 views of your video, I have troubles retaining important information.

    • properdiscord #
      August 12, 2010

      Only order drinks that come in bottles.

  2. August 12, 2010

    You know, she does have a nice voice, and some nice, basic musicianship. If she were a boy she would be on tap for some decent opera roles (a far healthier way to sing professionally than “stardom”).

    Anyway, thanks to your video, I just successfully unwrapped a CD by cutting the plastic on the seam with my fingernail. I bet could even do it in front of a camera! I now have confidence and panache (and I don’t have to go looking for my keys)!

  3. neue yellow clasics #
    August 13, 2010

    I read about this on a uberhardcore Cecilia Bartoli fansite. They said she was “the next bartoli” !

  4. ldm #
    August 23, 2010

    We are looking at the next Charlotte Church. I hope that she can make enough money to pay for college before her parents allow her to completely destroy her voice. Also, my fingernails sadly do not work as well as yours. Do you use special Sally Hansen nail strengthening formula or something?

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