Yo-Yo Ma plays Morricone

…and this is how much they’re going to pay me.


In retrospect, he worried that the “walking on water” idea was a bit too subtle.

Angele Dubeau

It didn’t seem absurdly dangerous until afterwards, when they were explaining it to the man from the insurance company.


It was a brief encounter, but it was to change both of their lives forever.

Maxim Rysanov

He’d achieved so much, but all he really wanted was to play outside with the other kids.

Alina Ibragimova plays Bach

Her experience of first dates was limited, but even she was starting to think this one wasn’t going well.

Alexandre Tharaud

He wasn’t really a misogynist. He liked to think of the rankings as a celebration of femininity.

Piotr Anderszewski at Carnegie Hall

Tall, scruffy, and implausibly lit: another home run for the design department.

Louis Lortie

He’d sat in something wet, and he liked it.

Zuill Bailey's Bach Suites

He had absolutely no doubt that it had all been worthwhile.



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  1. mclaren #
    June 25, 2010

    The Piotr Anderszewski cover really works well. First, it almost makes you forgot about how unpronouncable the guy’s name is. (I’m guessing his manager keeps suggesting he change his name to “Bob Grant,” but for some reason the guy keeps getting pissy about that. “But if you do that, I could get you on American Idol!” you can almost hear the manger squealing…) Second, it successfully obscures those unimportant and annoying composers — would’ve been a better move if they could’ve left ’em off the cover entirely, but some dweeb in marketing probably yelped about that when the graphics department tried. And last…boy, the marketing department must’ve said “Let’s see if we can make this look like a GQ layout!” And by the gods, it does.

  2. May 12, 2011

    I think that Ibamigova cover is a vast improvement on the hideous artworks Hyperion usually puts on their discs. I tend to ignore them now, and remind myself that the less they spend on a good cover, the more money they’ll make on the disc (or less money they’ll lose) and a good label will last longer.

    (I only discovered your website a few weeks ago, and I’m working my way back through the archives.)

    • properdiscord #
      May 12, 2011

      You have to put something on the cover. With people like me around, you really can’t win.

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