What are they really saying on that conference call?

I don’t have any music for you = I haven’t heard it

This hasn’t been mastered yet = they’re still fiddling with it

We’re really excited about this release = Our expectations are bigger than our budget

You have to see them live = the record isn’t impressive at all

This is a huge priority = we’ve spent a fortune on this and we plan to ignore the fact that you think it’s terrible

We’re expecting the story to build post-release = We have no plan

We’re coming to you very early on this = We hope you’ll come up with a plan

This act is building a lot of buzz = We can’t name a single major media outlet that has mentioned them

We’ve got a great opportunity for partnership = We don’t have the budget to do this properly

This is a supergroup = We hadn’t heard of any of these people until last week

We know this is going to be huge = We desperately need to recoup all the money we spent on this

Building on the success of their last album = A poor imitation of their last album

Prodigy = promising youngster

Legendary artist = hasbeen

We have an NPR hit confirmed for release week = The NPR feature will run two months before (or after) release date

We have a PBS special airing in the fall = You mom will want this. You’ll hate it.

They’re big in Germany = Run while there’s still time

Our “target street date” is… = It will be leaked by…

We don’t know who leaked it = We know exactly who leaked it

I don’t want to talk about initial orders = This is going to be a disaster

We have a deluxe edition = We changed the cover and doubled the price

It has been remastered = It sounds the same but louder

It has been digitally remastered = It sounds the same but much louder

It has been digitally remastered by the original producer = There was nothing wrong with it the first time



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  1. Jimmy #
    June 10, 2010

    Listen dude, when my management team call you please do not record the conversation. I’m embarrassed now.

    • properdiscord #
      June 10, 2010


  2. June 12, 2010

    Pure genius. I think I’ve heard (or said) ALL of these! Spot on.

  3. Collin J. Rae #
    June 17, 2010


  4. mclaren #
    June 25, 2010

    Almost pitch perfect. It hasn’t been mastered yet actually means “not loud enough yet.”

    Also missing:

    This appeals to a very hot demographic = No one you know will buy it.

    They’re huge on YouTube = People who like videos of water skiing squirrels and dogs on skateboards will love this album.

    Award-winning = Their last CD sold 150 units.

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