Musicians always seem to be deep in thought on their album covers. It’s a rule. Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking?

Mackerras conducts Dvorak

His anger turned to sorrow when he saw what they’d done to his rose garden.

Vilde Frang

She rarely missed human contact, but sometimes it was hard.

Mayer plays Bach

He would tell her how he felt, but not now: the humidity was playing havoc with his reeds, and it could wait for another day.

Ibragimova and Tiberghien at Wigmore Hall

His Facebook status said “in a relationship” but they both knew that meant nothing.

Perez plays ChopinIt was almost too much to bear, but he knew that if rescuers didn’t arrive soon, the piano would be the next thing to go on the fire.

ESQ's Old World - New World

They were definitely going to be late now. It was time to admit that, after 30 years, Finckel’s practical jokes were starting to wear thin.

Sandrine Piau sings Vivaldi

They would all be sorry.

Olga Kern plays Chopin

Logically, she knew it was just a piece of paper, but as the moment drew closer she wondered if she could really go through with it.

Corey Dargel

The stone was cold and unyielding, and yet it reminded him, somehow, of his mother.


As time went by, it became harder to convince herself that it had all been worthwhile.



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  1. Ren #
    June 2, 2010

    The captions are very Unhappy Hipsters and that is fantastic.

    • properdiscord #
      June 2, 2010

      Oh, absolutely, the whole thing is quite knowingly an unapologetically stolen from this.

      My favorite part is that “It became harder to convince herself that it had all been worthwhile” works as the caption to just about every album cover, in much the same way as “Christ, what an asshole” works for every New Yorker caption competition.

  2. Kimchikraut #
    June 2, 2010

    I was reminded of these:

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