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Now then. If you’re trying to look like you’re a modern, dynamic music magazine, it helps to use words like “new”, “now”, “online” and “download” in headlines.

The dude in the sweater-vest farting in the general direction of a hugemongous Victrola?

Not so much. Put a picture of the editor next to this, and you’re pretty much saying “we’re old school and we’re proud of it.”


Perhaps that’s the message they want to send. Perhaps they’re making fun of Gramophone.

Talking of Gramophone, their last newsletter announces a sleek new redesign but is covered in old logos, as if they’re worried the new image might scare the horses. Still, they did manage to find a color picture of their editor.

Of course, neither of these things has anything to do with the Internet, new media or the future of publishing. They’re just good, old fashioned branding errors.

Gramophone Email Newsletter


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  1. May 5, 2010

    These all make the consistency of the American Record Guide even more comforting and trustworthy. I’m biased, however.

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