Seriously. ALL DAY. It’s Christina Pluhar’s Via Crucis.

It’s a magnificently unusual sound. It’s like a classier version of Il Divo meet the “Hey Nonny Nonny” early music crowd in a jazz club, although that doesn’t remotely do it justice, which is why I should stop talking and you should watch the video.

I love how the cornett player throws down what sounds a lot like a Clifford Brown trumpet solo in the middle on an instrument that went out of fashion about 350 years ago. In case you’re wondering, it’s completely normal for cornett players to go that color, which might explain why it’s not a popular choice among the kids today. There’s a longer video with the oh-so-dreamy Philippe Jaroussky after the jump. The album is already out in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. US customers will have to wait until April 20. Don’t worry. I’ll remind you.



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  1. March 31, 2010


  2. Gene De Lisa #
    April 3, 2010

    It looks like the main singer either has an awful toothache or the guy to his right is an awful singer.

    But yes I liked the cornetto solo too. Fiendishly difficult instrument to make sound well.

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