Tan Dun's Internet Symphony

…is on iTunes, as performed by the LSO. You can get your download on here.

“What’s so Internetty about it?” you may ask.

It’s the piece he wrote for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra to play at Carnegie Hall.

It’s only four and half minutes long. I wonder if this was to suit the attention span of the overstimulated modern listener, or because even Google can’t afford to pay Tan Dun to write a two-hour Mahlerian epic.

Either way, it’s a good thing. Larry and Sergey get to keep their jets, and we only need to invest ¢99 to hear the some cool new music. It has a big tune and everything.

Composers never really embraced the limitations of the cylinder, the 78, the LP, or the CD, but perhaps in an era when they’re unrestricted by recording format they may finally learn the lesson that people like short music.


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